Our Approach

The 3Rs at Sea To Sky

Real, Relevant, Revolutionary

We are now well into the 21st century. The 1990's, which were dubbed the "Turnaround Decade" — a now or never expression of urgency from the scientific community, have passed. The stark warnings from both the Union of Concerned Scientists (1997) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2006) have not slowed either the decline of natural systems or the growth of our collective appetite for more of nature's finite bounty.

A showdown with nature of planetary proportions is well on its way. For the last 30 years the rallying cry of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' has been ineffective at having us understand and act on the Inconvenient Truth of having to significantly change how we live. Due to decades of inattention and procrastination our time to respond is now short. If we are, as H.G. Wells put it, in a race between education and catastrophe we better quickly rethink how we educate. It is for this reason that Sea to Sky Outdoor School has embraced a different 3R's — ones that serve to ensure a Sea to Sky learning experience is real, relevant and revolutionary.

If it's REAL then learners will connect on a visceral level with who they are and who they are not. An opportunity to understand their honest and authentic passions is paramount. Community which is way bigger than just people will be revealed.

If it's RELEVANT learners will move beyond the superficial, the trivial and the 'busywork'. It has to be meaningful and pertinent to where they and our world are presently at. Nothing less will do.

If it's REVOLUTIONARY then boldness will have won out over timidity. Learners will explore their assumptions and 'subversive' ideas about the speed of their lives, busyness, preoccupation with things and … how much is enough. Active citizenship will rule.

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