Meet our Educators

Feedback from Schools

Participating schools consistently give our staff top ratings for their knowledge, skills and approach as educators. The following selection of comments from visiting teachers reflects the high level of regard for Sea To Sky's staff.

"You're amazing! You all showed how important it is for educators to have energy, vitality and humour regardless of the weather conditions — great motivators! Able to adapt to meet the needs of every group."

"Professional, dedicated crew with strong convictions and genuine caring and enthusiasm. Exceptional … it's great how you turn misbehavior into productive energy … excellent role models of simplicity."

"Sea To Sky staff are very aware of child development and how to respond effectively to support and encourage the best in the students. Knew how to respond positively and creatively in a variety of ways … amazing collection of complementary and diverse personalities and skills."

"Extremely enthusiastic and open-minded, receptive to teacher involvement … wonderful, caring, kind, fun, lots of smiles, warm, understanding of everyone's uniqueness"

"I was impressed by the 'Islanders' communication skills, organization, preparation and knowledge, caring and delivery were excellent".

"Lots of passion, it is apparent that the staff love their jobs and do something they believe in. They were genuine … awesome as usual!"

"You all have a gift for working with children. The staff should be commended for their high level of professionalism and enthusiasm. You are great role models and excellent leaders."

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