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Go14 Challenge

Where less is more!

14 Habits of Interesting, Healthy, Joyful, Environmentally Responsible People

The habits outlined below characterize the island lifestyle at Sea to Sky. Collectively they can significantly shrink your ecological footprint — the new imperative of the 21st century. You will have the opportunity to practice these 14 habits for 3 or 4 days before returning home.

The Go14 Challenge is to continue these habits when you're not on the Island! Make the effort every day to exercise and thereby strengthen these habits around home and school. No doubt some of these are easier to do in a Sea to Sky island setting but all of them can be practiced anywhere. Go forth and be the difference! Click here to download the GO 14 Challenge poster with scoring system (PDF).

  1. Slow down. Talk less, listen more.
    (Find silence, stillness and solitude in your day)
  2. Walk more. Move self-propelled.
    (eg. bike, skateboard, canoe, kayak, rollerblade)
  3. Share more, buy less.
    (Do we all need one of everything?)
  4. Be food waste free.
    (It's the right thing to do in a hungry world)
  5. Eat less processed food, chew more.
    (more organic food and local produce)
  6. Be active everyday.
    (ie. run, jump, climb, crawl, hop, skip or swim)
  7. Get involved in your communities.
    (Less ME, More WE — support your local economy)
  8. Use less energy, less water.
    (Conserve that which is expensive to provide and in short supply)
  9. Spend more time outside. Go wild.
    (go TV/PC/MP3/DVD free, more!)
  10. Steer clear of toxics.
    (eg. Use nature friendly cleaners, batteries, school supplies, etc.)
  11. Eat less meat.
    (Find your protein sometimes from vegetable sources)
  12. Simplify. Have less 'stuff'.
    (eg. clothes, music, 'toys')
  13. Produce less garbage.
    (Are you… Food waste free? Composting? Recycling? Buying less?)
  14. Be thankful.
    (Enjoy what you have. Celebrate more!)

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