What is Greenstar! all about?

We live in a world that understands better than ever the innumerable ways in which the human economy is dismantling our life support system we call Nature.

Often people are as overwhelmed with the scale of this problem as the innumerable solutions that are being proposed to deal with it. These remedies are often superficial and difficult to trace back to what caused the problems in the first place. Many of us want to do the right thing but are dubious it will make any difference. Living in a world awash with environmental tips and recommended actions we feel at times paralyzed by the sheer volume of information and knowledge we need to process in order to feel confident we are doing the right thing.

Greenstar! is a conceptual framework that will help layer and sequence understandings and their associated actions into a meaningful whole. It will make clear the sustainability imperative and offer a relatively simple but significant response.

Mount Greenstar

Greenstar! is symbolized by a green five pointed star representing the five targets that will serve as the benchmarks for lifestyles that live within Nature's means and hence are sustainable. This star forms the top of a layered mountain with five levels. Click each level for more details.

Understanding what Greenstar is all about requires us to journey up this metaphorical mountain encountering the various levels that taken together form an active, responsible lifestyle known as Greenstar.

Being a Greenstar! is a declaration of citizen activism. It is a commitment to learn and live the wisdom of less and to help build resilience in one's home community. This makes a home place more able to weather the ripple effects of Peak Oil and Climate Chaos as they shape how we live our lives. Mount GREENSTAR! is the icon that brings together the many levels of understanding and actions that enlighten and encourage a Greenstar in their day to day lives. The reason behind or the Purpose of Greenstar forms the base of this mountain rising to the Targets at the top. It symbolizes the journey to explore the meaning of more in the 21st century. Could it be that in many ways less is more? By looking for new ways to use less Nature in our everyday lives we increase our adaptability, resilience and joy in a changing world. We also will be doing the right thing.