Our multi Earth lifestyles in North America and elsewhere have come with a significant price tag. Oil — the miracle liquid that has allowed us to live so beyond Nature's means is no longer cheap, abundant or easy to access. We are running out of the very life blood of our modern world. Our overconsumption of the Earth's oil reserves and the biological life support system we call Nature has meant a growing concentration of carbon dioxide in the ocean of air we call home. This is a recent event. In fact we have used more of the planet's resources in the last 50 years than in all previous human history. We are headlong into a consumption binge of historic proportions that has left us with the nick name ecophagus — the creature that eats its home. The most significant by-product of this over consumption of planetary resources is a heat trapping gas called carbon dioxide.

For the last 10,000 years we have had the amazing good fortune of stable climate on which to build our ever expanding civilization. Our climate was stable only because the concentration of carbon dioxide was stable, fluctuating little over that period of time. This has all changed. Due largely to our explosive appetite for more of Earth's energy and materials, carbon dioxide is now the highest it's been in over 500,000 years.

Consequently, two realities are beginning to shape how we live our lives in the 21st century — Peak Oil and Climate Chaos. Despite the magnitude of these accelerating trends on life as we know it the implications of these two realities on our day to day lives goes largely unreported. They are blind spots which keep us from seeing the world as it is.

Together Peak Oil and Climate Chaos form the most important story of our time. When understood they become a critical wake up call and alert us to the Inconvenient Truth that many of us would choose to ignore — that we need to change the way we live our lives now and in dramatic ways. Failing to do so will be an invitation for economic collapse, natural calamities and social upheaval to make the necessary changes for us.

Peak Oil and Climate Chaos are here with us now. There is nothing that will change that. What we can do is lessen the impact of both by mitigation and adaptation. Peak Oil and Climate Chaos are two sides of the same coin. Each is intertwined with the other and isolating one will only tell half the story. Click on each to discover how these two realities are shaping our future as they present us with unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities.

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