The 'goal post' of Peak Oil and Climate Chaos provides the measure by which actions need to be assessed. If actions we take only contributes to more climate chaos or makes us more dependent on cheap oil then we need to rethink and consider actions that don't.

Three OPPORTUNITIES are emerging from these two realities based on the circumstances and timing of Peak Oil and Climate Chaos.

It is obvious now that the time for significant action has arrived and that the chance for personal growth and advancement (that doesn't eat away at the future) is there for those who can see how these opportunities will work for both themselves and the world. As opportunities they can also just as easily be missed, lost in the hyper individualism and high carbon international trade of our ever persuasive culture of more.

The three opportunities have enormous power and great potential in creating the world we are looking for. All we need to do is add our voice and our muscle to the chorus of people everywhere that are making the shift from ME to WE, BIGGER to BETTER and GLOBAL to LOCAL.