"There is no place like home"

“The question that must be addressed is not how to care for the planet, but how to care for each of the planet's millions of human and natural neighbourhoods. Our understandable wish to preserve the planet must somehow be reduced to the scale of our competence — that is to the wish to preserve all of its humble households and neighbourhoods.” — Wendell Berry

We live in a world of very long supply lines that bring us food, water, material goods and energy from places all over the world. The distance something has to travel to get to each of us determines its carbon or energy footprint. The same applies to the movement of our bodies. The speed and distance each of us travels in a given year contributes in large measure to the size of our carbon footprint. In a world that urgently needs to contain the growing level of CO2 in our air, significantly reducing the size of your carbon footprint is a very good thing. Moving from a global to local lifestyle is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Top Ten Tips for Going LOCAL

1. Buy locally produced foods. 2. Drink the local tap water. 3. Know your neighbours. 4. Leave your house and walk your neighbourhood. 5. Plant a food garden. 6. Turn off the TV 7. Read your local newspaper. 8. Put the interests of the community first. 9. Find work, if you can, that does no damage. 10. Volunteer your time.

Top Ten Reasons for Going LOCAL

  1. Intimacy: The better you know your place, the better you'll know yourself. You can't know who you are if you don't know where you are. Stay put. Find the exotic in your back yard.
  2. Scale: Small is beautiful. Your local geography is a size that allows you to become very familiar with its character, idiosyncrasies, seasonal changes and beauty that are revealed to only those who have lived in a place for a long enough period of time.
  3. Community: Your everyday relationships with others are an important measure of health. Local living can produce a sense of connection and loyalty to others.
  4. Quality: When it comes to eating, fresh food often contains fewer preservatives (essential when food travels long distances) which provides a more natural, wholesome product. Not only that but you often can get to see where the food came from.
  5. Power and influence: Supporting local businesses with your dollars nurtures diversity and builds the fabric of community.
  6. Footprint: Due to a reduced radius of travel one's consumption of energy resources is less.
  7. REconomy: As materials increase in cost and waste increases in volume there will be a revolution in how we reuse, recycle, repair and rebuild our world. Finding those discarded materials will be much easier and cheaper in one's homeplace.
  8. Meaning: Living the local life is a reminder that you can't pick your neighbours. It encourages you to embrace what is or work to change what needs changing.
  9. Awareness: We pay attention to what is happening in our back yard. One is more likely to care about what they know about.
  10. It's the Future! Small and local is not only beautiful, its inevitable. Cheap fossil fuels made globalization possible and peak oil will reverse this trend. Re-localization — meeting core local needs from things produced more locally will create the economic development of the future.