ME to WE

“The power of one … multiplied”

This is an opportunity that is transformative in its ability to change one's perceptions of the world. We all create our own reality and when we give the welfare of others and community equal standing with our own self interest we thrive as human beings. Acts of kindness and one's happiness are inseparable. There are innumerable ways to seize this opportunity and play our part in building a resilient community. Resilience is the ability to take change on the chin, adapt and continue to be an effective citizen. Cheap oil has made things very easy for many of us. We have lost the resilience that was a hallmark of earlier generations. In the post peak oil world where cheap liquid fuels become things of the past resilience will be a valuable commodity.

Being part of an interdependent community of diverse individuals, all with their particular talents and skills, is an important step in the development of one's personal resilience. Community delivers meaning, learning, camaraderie, skill development and trust to its members. That's what happens when we shift from ME to WE.

Creating your own ME to WE manifesto is easy. Just think of all the things that connect you to the lives of others and write them down. Here are a few to get you started.

A ME to WE Manifesto

Leave your house. Help your neighbour fix something. Turn off your iPhone. Walk away from your laptop. Volunteer for a local group…