As evidence for Peak Oil and Climate Chaos becomes increasingly more obvious the three OPPORTUNITIES will become more compelling. Moving from ME to WE, BIGGER to BETTER and GLOBAL to LOCAL are mega trends that cry out for participants who will make the shift and begin to build a better world 21st century style! Some have already taken the plunge. Others just need a nudge. Perhaps they are 'consumers' uninspired and disengaged by hyper individualism, overconsumption and globalization and who have had enough, want to get real and are seeking new meaning in what it means to be a citizen.

But how do you move from Me to We, Bigger to Better, Global to Local? One step at a time. Here are four RESPONSES to the three OPPORTUNITIES that will get you started. These simple agreements with yourself will change not only your world but others as well. The four RESPONSES of Slow Down, Be Yourself, Simplify and Get Involved will make an important contribution to the change we have been waiting for.