Occupying the highest level of Mount Greenstar! are the five targets. They represent those ways we exert 'weight' on the world, or the load each of us places on Nature. Through the food that we eat, the water we use, the toxins we disperse, the carbon dioxide we release or the garbage we create … Nature's gifts and the life support it provides are diminished. The scale to which each of us 'consumes' Nature is a product of our lifestyle — the sum total of our daily habits and the attention we pay to these five target areas.

Each of the five has a 'one planet' ideal or exemplar that serves as the bull's-eye for that particular target. Each of these is exceedingly difficult to attain, setting the bar very high for that target. However, if we are serious about the goal of a one earth lifestyle then these bull's-eyes will offer a useful object at which to aim. To achieve these will challenge each of us in ways that will require a fundamentally re-ordering of our lives. As overly ambitious as they might first appear they are reminders of just how far off the rails our lives have gone.

Wendell Berry, the farmer poet-philosopher from Kentucky offers up again some of his trademark candor in this convocation address to some college students.

“The most significant environmental problems … are our lives. In the 'developed' countries, at least, the large problems occur because all of us are living either partly wrong or almost entirely wrong. The Exxon Valdez oil catastrophe on the Alaskan coast was not just the result of greed and arrogance of shareholders and executives. It also was the product of the demand that energy should be cheap and plentiful. It is misguided to go on dividing the world falsely between guilty producers and innocent consumers.”

Awareness of and actions around each of the five targets can help each of us face the inconvenient truth — that we have to change how we live our lives — and move us, as quickly as possible, towards lives that are fair, truthful and just. Together with the four responses, the five targets bring the word sustainability home and make it personal. An important part of citizenship is actively finding new ways to use less WATER, to release less CARBON into the atmosphere, to reduce the amount of TOXINS that disperse into soil, air and water, to create less GARBAGE and to make better FOOD choices. Together with each of their respective bull's-eyes they will move us towards a one earth lifestyle and that is what Greenstar! is all about.

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