Five TARGETS: Carbon


Greenhouse gases (GHG's) rich in the element carbon (eg. carbon dioxide and methane) help create a 'greenhouse' — in the right amount — that protects life on Earth from the lethal coldness of space. Now due to us there is too much of it.


Too much of these gases and up go the surface air temperatures that lead to crazy weather and climate chaos. Canadians are the largest consumers of energy in the world (30 million Canadians use more energy than the 700 million people that live in Africa) and consequently are second to the US in the production of Greenhouse gases. Moving food, stuff, water and people often burns oil and therefore produces GHG's.

First Steps

Be local. Shop, eat and live in your home region. Take the 'One Tonne Challenge' and reduce your GHG's by 20%. (ave. Canadian produces 5 tonnes/yr). Walk/bike more, drive less. Eat less meat.

Success Stories



350 ppm

The upper limit of carbon dioxide concentration (measured in parts per million) in our atmosphere considered safe by climate science
We are now at 393 and rising.


DVD 'An Inconvenient Truth'
Book: Peak Everything by Richard Heinberg