Five TARGETS: Food


Every food that we eat is a connection to the living world that created it. Food is #3 behind air and water when it comes to basic needs. On average we chew 7,000 X per day in our 3 meal/day NA culture.


Few things we do have as much influence on the state of the world as what we choose to eat. Where our food comes from, how it was grown or raised, how many resources were needed to create and transport it to our home community and how it was packaged are all important questions to consider when buying food. On average 25% of the food we buy ends up in the compost or garbage. Food molecules travel an average 2,500 km to get to us.

First Steps

Feed your compost. Commit the 6 N's to memory and use them as a guide when food shopping or choosing what to eat. Buy local foods and build food security. Join the 'Transition Movement'.

Success Stories





DVD 'Food, Inc'
Book: 100 Mile Diet by Alison Smith
Vegetarian Times magazine

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