Five TARGETS: Garbage


As we use things we create garbage — those things we do not use again. By this definition Nature produces no garbage since Nature's waste is used again as nutrient for other living things.


Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other people on Earth (2.5 kg/person per day). In a world where resources are limited this is an embarrassment. We need a REVOLUTION in how we live our lives. By rethinking, refusing, repairing, reducing, reusing … and last, and yes least, recycling we can shrink the stink and work towards not producing any garbage at all — aka 'Zero Waste'.

First Steps

Carry day pack everywhere you go with water bottle, cloth napkin, utensils, mug, 'Tupperware', and assortment of cloth and mesh bags for food shopping, etc.

Success Stories


Bulls-eye Zero Waste


DVD 'The Clean Bin Project'
Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

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