Five TARGETS: Toxins


There are dangerous, sometimes deadly chemicals called toxins in everyday items we buy, use or sometimes eat. Used or discarded, the toxins they contain disperse into our interconnected world.


We all assume that nobody knowingly would poison the air that we breathe, the soil that feeds us or the water that we drink. Yet with each purchase we make or each action we take that possibility exists. It is essential that we learn the 'dirt' on cleaning products that we use both for our homes and our bodies … and the ugly truth about most cosmetics. Avoid any product with the poison symbol and let's clean up our act!

First Steps

Get into the habit of reading labels. The fewer the ingredients and the more you can pronounce the better. Use water, vinegar and baking soda for all your cleaning needs. Buy organic.

Success Stories


Bulls-eye 100% Natural


The Story of Cosmetics by Annie Leonard

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