Five TARGETS: Water


Clean water makes life possible. Next to air it is the second most basic need. Whether it is obvious or not it is a limited resource essential to our well being. It is the rarest thing in the known universe and increasingly so on Earth.


Conserve and protect clean potable water. It won't be long before a barrel of this prized substance is worth more than a barrel of oil. Yet we use it with little thought to the economic and ecological costs of this behaviour. Government provision of this most valuable resource is expensive. Careless use leads to increased costs borne by all. Our demand for water peaks when supplies are at their lowest (summer). We are some of the most wasteful and inefficient water users in the world.

First Steps

Keep a water log of your consumption for one day in each season. Take the 20 litre challenge. Show your neighbours that the colour gold is in. Let it 'mellow' if yellow.

Success Stories



20 litres

The World Health Organization has set 20 litres per person per day as the necessary daily requirement. Many of us use over 600 litres of 'drinking' water per day.


Google Lindsay Coulter, The Queen of Green for 1000's of great tips on how to live smart and with less

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