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GREENSTAR! Family Weekend at Sea To Sky


The Greenstar! Family Weekend is an opportunity for families to learn together in a playful community that leaves everybody more appreciative of our beautiful home and more empowered to act in ways that make for a better world. At Sea to Sky Outdoor School we make learning meaningful and fun.

The weekend is designed by professional educators who will use a creative blend of games, team initiatives, hands-on activities, larger than life teaching props, multiple intelligence learning strategies (music and theatrics) and various adventure pursuits. You will experience an educational adventure that will live on in your family long after you've left the amazing outdoor classroom of Sea to Sky.

To find out more about the next Greenstar Family Weekend, email us at timturner@seatosky.bc.ca or call 1-604-886-2258.

Feedback from GREENSTAR! Family Weekend

This is what the parents told us…

"A great big thank you to all of you for making our weekend such a success. We have not stopped talking about it in our household. It was a magical weekend from the moment we arrived! I am so thrilled that we were able to be a part of it. And may I put my plea in now for a repeat next year? We would be the first in line."

"You are a courageous bunch! I'm really glad to see that you and your staff were not put off by the challenge of a family weekend in which the children's ages ranged from 2 to 10. We are in for next year!"

"Thank you for organizing a wonderful weekend. It was a completely unique experience for our family & we really enjoyed it. Our compliments to the group leaders as well as the kitchen. It was a pleasure to get to know you all. The weekend was a great launching pad to begin and to continue teaching the children how to be more respectful of mother earth."

"We loved our weekend with you and the islanders and were so pleasantly surprised just how much fabulous information you were able to pass along in such a short period of time."

"We are absolutely thrilled that you are planning on doing another family weekend, as we have very fond memories of the whole experience. Thank you for your bravery in taking us on and for wanting to do it again."

"All of the kids took something away from the weekend in terms of a better appreciation for the world around them and I think if they had the opportunity to participate annually, would take more away each year as they develop and can understand more. I also think the opportunity for the big and little ones to mix was an important one and really helped to develop a sense of community and bonding within the group. Finally, I think it was a very valuable opportunity for the parents to get together and have frank discussions about some of the things that we have been wrestling with in isolation — taking 10 families of strangers and creating bonds between them in less than 48 hours is not an easy thing to do…"

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