Student Corner

Island Names

Students are invited to take on a new name while at Outdoor School. Taking on a new identity at Outdoor School contributes to the unique experience at Sea To Sky. It allows you to let go of your everyday lives and be free to take on a different reality — an island world of new thoughts, new people, new possibilities and new insights.

You are encouraged to select something from the natural world with which you identify. It may reflect how you see yourself or a quality you have. It might be a powerful symbol for you or a touchstone to a significant experience from your past. It could be an animal, plant, fungi or other living thing. Or it might be a less animated thing like rock, river, thunder or wind. Throw in an adjective such as 'laughing bear' or a double name such as 'eagle coyote', and the possibilities are unlimited.

Island nametags can be made from many materials. Wood (most common) or any waterproof material can work. Keep the nametag within a 4"x4" dimension and lightweight as it is worn around your neck.

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