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Parent Feedback

The following comments are from parents and teachers who have participated in a Sea To Sky program as adult volunteers:

“An absolutely positive, useful learning experience. Great cause, well taught, very enlightening—should make this course content available for adults as well.” (parent from Vancouver)

“These days were so inspirational. They have made me more aware of the world around me, the impact I have on it and the relationships I have in it. I have brought home many things I have learned. The Sea To Sky staff are superb. It's a difficult job convincing 65 cool teenagers that the environment and the Sea To Sky message are relevant. And did they ever succeed!” (parent from Richmond)

“Outstanding teaching strategies. I commend your choice of games which have such powerful messages. Sea To Sky staff are so knowledgeable and are so willing to role play making learning fun for the participants.” (parent from West Vancouver)

“In my 25 years of participating in a wide variety of outdoor school programs, Sea To Sky leads the way in safety and risk management.” (Administrator, West Vancouver)

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