Student Corner

Program Prep

Sea To Sky's outdoor programs require students to be dressed for the weather. Due to the high probability of rain and the need for students to spend a large percentage of the day outside, please ensure that you come properly equipped so that this exciting learning experience is also a comfortable one.

Activities will have you in forest, high bluff and shoreline environments so old clothes that can get dirty and will dry quickly are necessary. Both campuses of Sea to Sky Outdoor School provide cabin accommodation with bunk beds and sealed mattresses as bed units for sleeping. Students should bring all their personal belongings in a large backpack (clothes should be sealed in plastic bags inside your backpack). See Packing List (PDF) for a general guideline on what to bring and what to leave behind!

In the spirit of Sea to Sky avoid new purchases as much as possible by going with what you've got or borrowing what you need. And please put your name on everything you bring. 'Go Gear' items are those things that you will need during the day. They are carried in a medium sized daypack while on the island. Place your daypack inside the top of your big pack for the trip over.


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