Student Corner

Leadership School

Do questions excite you more than answers? Are you curious or willing to challenge the values and messages of the consumer culture we live in? Are you a 'mover and shaker' around school or active in your community? Interested in what positive, creative change other high school youth are making happen? Do you enjoy the Big Outside through hiking, paddling, climbing and swimming, connecting with new people, making new friends and sharing what's important to you?

If your answer is YES!, consider a three day Leadership School at Sea to Sky on the Sunshine Coast. Sea To Sky offers this program once a year, in October. Find out more about this amazing gathering of grade 9, 10, 11 and 12's from schools across the Vancouver region by asking your school counselors, teachers or students who know about it or have previously attended. Or you can contact us directly at

Think about joining us for ocean paddling, new ideas, night hikes, action planning, cozy cabins, climbing, great food, workshops, cutting edge curricula, solos, back country meals, theatre sports, dance and song, 'cool' swimming, team challenges, overnight camping, new friends and more!



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