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Sustainability Symposium

Sea To Sky Outdoor School for Sustainability Education presents the annual

Voices for Sustainability: a Symposium for Educators

Keats Island, Sunshine Coast, BC

A weekend of professional development, collaboration and fun for:

One of the best weekends of the year, and here's why!

Note: We strongly encourage participants to come for the weekend which begins early Saturday morning and runs through until late afternoon on Sunday. This will maximize the benefits of this event for you, make it easier for island organizers and reduce your carbon footprint. If coming from Vancouver please insure you are on the 7:20am sailing from Horseshoe Bay on the Saturday. Participants from Vancouver will be on the 4:30pm sailing Sunday afternoon arriving in Horseshoe Bay at 5:10pm.

To register or find out more about the next Voices for Sustainability Symposium, email us at timturner@seatosky.bc.ca or call 1-604-886-2258.

Celebrating 17 years of Sustainability Education



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