What People Are Saying

Student Comments

"I'd take this kind of learning over school any day. I had a great time and learned some stuff too!" (gr. 8, Squamish)

"I thought the Trailblazers program was excellent. I learned a lot and I learned in a fun way. It really made me look at the world in a different way." (gr. 7, West Vancouver)

"This was the best outdoor school I have ever been to. I can't wait til I come to Sea to Sky next year for Outdoor School in grade 5." (gr. 4, Surrey)

"Dear Islanders, Thank you so much for teaching me about the importance of Nature. I learned a lot! You taught me that kids can make a difference too. Also thanks for teaching me all the songs. They taught me good lessons." (gr. 6, Tacoma, Washington)

"Thankyou Islanders for a cool, fun packed week. I had fun and learned a lot about nature, sustainability, ethics and how I can be a difference. I learned a lot and best of all as I learned, I had fun." (gr. 6, Tacoma, Washington)

"This trip was meant for educational purposes, but I found it more of a fun camp instead of a school camp. When we played learning games you tricked our minds into thinking it was a fun game instead of a learning experience. I learned a lot from this trip. I hope someday I will become an Islander." (gr. 6, Tacoma, Washington)


Parent Comments

"An absolutely positive, useful learning experience. Great cause, well taught, very enlightening should make this course content available for adults as well." (parent, Vancouver)

"These days were so inspirational. They have made me more aware of the world around me, the impact I have on it and the relationships I have in it. I have brought home many of the things I have learned. The Sea to Sky staff are superb. It's a difficult job convincing 65 cool teenagers that the environment and the Sea to Sky message are relevant. And did they ever succeed!" (parent, Squamish)

"Outstanding teaching strategies I commend your choice of games which have such powerful messages. Sea to Sky are so knowledgeable and are so willing to role play making learning fun for the participants." (parent, West Vancouver)


Teacher Comments

"Your program provides an outstanding blend of learning experiences. You have found a way of balancing action, humour, academics, and introspection. The visuals you use are absolutely the best." (Maple Grove, Vancouver)

"Fantastic. There were great openings and attention grabbers. You don't have to listen long before you had to participate in some way. It was super fast paced with not a lot of time to fool around. It was better than any of the other two schools I've been to, which are less educational and more a 'camp'. There was no time for cliques to form or anybody to be left out." (Douglas, Vancouver)

"An extremely well thought out and carefully crafted program. 'Skills' and environmental strands were very well integrated. Good balance of theory and fun. Highly relevant! What can I say it really is core curriculum." (St. George's, Vancouver)

"In our grade 8 CAPP program the most admired person is the one who has the most money. Sea to Sky goes a long way to offset the 'more is better' message." (Brackendale, Howe Sound)


Administrator Comments

"It was very evident that great care, skill and thoughfulness has gone into the development of this program." (Jessie Wowk, Richmond)

"Highly engaging multidimensional presentations and humour! Games all enhanced the learning." (Charles Wright, Tacoma, WA)

"This was indeed Outdoor School not camp. I only wish all students could be exposed to such a program." (Douglas, Vancouver)

"Thank you Sea to Sky for your incredible energy and fabulous program." (Hamilton, Richmond)



"I've seen Sea to Sky Outdoor School in action and it is energetic, imaginative, inspiring to youngsters and adults alike, and extraordinarily creative. Sea to Sky has simplified and made accessible to students a 'core curricula' of learning activities based on what we would ordinarily regard as fairly complex ideas. These range from natural capital and nature's services, to ecological footprint analysis, the Natural Step, laws of thermodynamics and natural capitalism. Sea to Sky has my greatest respect and strongest recommendation based on the learning programs that this Outdoor School develops and delivers." (Dr. William Rees, UBC professor and co-author of 'Our Ecological Footprint')

"I am writing in support of the nomination of Sea to Sky Outdoor School for a 2001 BC Ethics in Action award. As Conservation Director of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), I consider the work of Sea to Sky Outdoor School to be a vital response to the ethical/ environmental situation we all face as a society today. This leading edge school through innovative residential outdoor education brings an ethical world view home to 1000's of students every year by expanding their circle of concern to include the natural world. I strongly support the work of Sea to Sky Outdoor School." (George Smith, Conservation Director, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society)

"As we begin the 21st century, efforts to protect wild places in this province will increasingly rely on youth to value and sustain this natural legacy. If youth are to meet this challenge they will need institutions like Sea to Sky Outdoor School. For 11 years Sea to Sky has empowered students to commit to effective action that reduces their impact on natural systems. Through a creative blend of cutting-edge science and leadership development, Sea to Sky Outdoor School has created a new 'core curriculum' that is reaching a wider audience every year. The 'Islanders' at Sea to Sky are changing the face of education in this province by demonstrating that schools can and must be agents of change that encourage their communities to embrace more sustainable directions. I have visited Sea to Sky Outdoor School and strongly support their approach to bringing the 'big picture' to students throughout our region. Their efforts to expand student awareness to include the natural world should be core curriculum for schools today. Sea to Sky is having a significant impact on the educational landscape in this province." (Ric Careless, Executive Director, BC Spaces for Nature)