Teacher's Guide

What is Sea to Sky All About?

Our Mission

Sea to Sky Outdoor School delivers educational programs for students of all ages, preparing a new generation of leaders for the challenge and opportunities of sustainability.

Our Goals

It is our intent that in all Sea To Sky programs, students will:


Our Approach

At Sea to Sky Outdoor School we use a generous dose of optimism, realism and good humour in a caring community with a heap of fun and adventure to tackle the greatest challenge of our time — sustainability. Our curricula are multidisciplinary and connect with the eight Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) prescribed for elementary and high school classrooms. We take advantage of the Multiple Intelligences Theory to enhance teaching and learning in our outdoor classroom.

At Sea to Sky Outdoor School we believe in …

the strength of community ~ the leadership abilities of all students ~ the lessons and wonder of nature ~ outdoor learning through discovery and adventure ~ seeing the big picture ~ the power of teamwork ~ adults and students learning together ~ less is more ~ exercising the whole student ~ the value of a questioning mind ~ diversity ~ change by way of small steps …


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