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The History of sea to sky outdoor school

how we got here

Proudly operating since 1992.


Sea to Sky Outdoor School began in the Spring of 1992 on Keats Island in Howe Sound.   The dynamic and skilled duo of Tim Turner and Wendy Miller provided leadership and expertise to a project inspired by passion and a love for the natural world. 

Over the next 25 years, Sea to Sky provided over 2000 students and adults each year with the Sea to Sky experience: a melange of activities connected individuals with wild nature, challenged them to think about the Big Picture and asked the questions that pointed to the greatest challenges of our time.  All of this wrapped in the joy, playfulness, music and jest of Sea To Sky Educators.  Elementary and secondary schools chose the structured learning programs of Sea to Sky to complement their own curricula and provide their students with a unique learning adventure they would not soon forget.

In 2017, Wings (Tim) and Roots (Wendy), passed the reins of Sea To Sky Outdoor School onto Chael MacArthur and Robyn Ashwell.

During their first season as directors of Sea to Sky Outdoor School, Robyn and Chael welcomed a new member to the Sea to Sky family, Sadie.  Guided by the beauty of the world around them and the wisdom of their new born child, Chael and Robyn brought new life to Sea to Sky Outdoors School.   There were some hurdles along the way, and behind the magic of the programs and student experiences, there were sometimes ripples and rough waters, but soon the waters calmed and Robyn and Chael found themselves feeling highly energized and optimistic. 

In March 2020, as a result of the global pandemic, Sea to Sky Outdoor School ceased operations and Robyn and Chael drew on all measures of resilience to adapt and pivot to meet the needs of their partner schools and community.  They began by offering the Coast Wild Summer Program for local children; they offered day programs in local metro Vancouver parks for partner school; and started a September to June grade 1-4 Forest School program as well as a Pre – K program.  

As restrictions begin to lift in 2022,  Chael and Robyn are excited to reignite the Sea to Sky Outdoor School torch with a new season of programs.  

We are cleaning off the cobwebs.  Dusting off the earth ball.  Walking all the trails.  And building the excitement for Sea to Sky Outdoor School Season 60 – 30 years of land loving learning. 

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We provide a wide variety of school and multi day programs that your kids are sure to love. We’d love to connect with you, don’t hesitate to reach out today!