Our Team


Who we are

Sea to Sky Outdoor School has developed a reputation within the province and increasingly across the country for providing amazing learning experiences for youth. These programs that touch students in powerful ways are a product of the people who deliver them. Our full time seasonal staff make all of this possible. Thank you! 

Chael MacArthur (Tuckamore)

The word ‘Tuckamore’ describes the stunted Balsam Fir (Var) and Black Spruce that grow on the rocky shores of Newfoundland and Labrador where they brave the salt laced winds of the North Atlantic. Their roots hold firmly onto the rocks; communities of branches mingle together and stretch inward to the land. They create a metaphor for the place that reminds us of the power of resilience and the wisdom of the wild.


A storyteller, adventurer, musician and explorer, Chael strives to live a one planet lifestyle. As Uncle Tuckles would say, “Young Tuck, my son, he’s silly wit sustainability.

Robyn Ashwell (Tarn)

Robyn Ashwell is a visionary small business owner and entrepreneur, who co-founded Shift Delivery in Vancouver. She has received accolades as a young business woman, including being named one of Corporate Knights’ “Top 30 under 30 Sustainability Leaders”. ‘Tarn’ has extensive facilitation and training experience and last fall stepped in as a Sea To Sky Islander and wowed seasoned islanders with her competency and generally good-natured approach to being in the world. 

Ben Turner (Canyon)

A builder, musician and professional educator, Canyon meanders though the world with thoughtful intelligence.  His dedication to sustainability and education grows from a deep connection to the BC Coast. 












Kristopher Korol (Whiskey Jack)

He is a deep sea diving, herring collecting, widespread wandering, sailboat sailing, forest dwelling with big sized love for the whole interconnected lot of it.


WhiskeyJack has been working with youth as a sustainability educator for many years and bring a plethora of skills, humour, and fun to every program. 









Our Approach to Teaching and Learning

At Sea to Sky Outdoor School, we combine a generous dose of optimism, realism, humour and kindness with a heap of small footprint fun and wilderness adventure.   Our programs engage students in connecting with the value and wisdom of nature, and we invite students to be vulnerable and caring community members.  


As educators we adhere to a pedagogy of kindness where we invite vulnerability by modelling vulnerability;  we take risks and invite risk taking; we challenge by choice; we are guided by empathy; we are comfortable with quiet and try as best we can to go slow.


Learning at Outdoor School may not look the same as learning in a brick and mortar classroom, but is often deep, meaningful and worthwhile.



The 3 R's at Sea To Sky Outdoor School

At Sea to Sky Outdoor School, we look out onto a world that is ripe with challenge and change.  We see a world where the realities of climate change have been largely ignored; where poverty, both at home and abroad, continues to darken every neighbour’s door;  and where we are only coming to realize the social effects of long term isolation and fear.

We also see the power of young people who are looking for connection; who have passion in their hearts and vision in their minds; who, supported by quality education and sound mentorship, will help build resilient communities that will thrive today and tomorrow.

With this vision of hope, Sea To Sky engages with students, educators and elders to build curriculum based on provincial and school curriculum standards that supports students to grow into healthy and connected community members and leaders. 

Real, Relevant, Revolutionary

The 3 R’s at Sea To Sky Outdoor School provides the basis for this collaboration and creative vision:

If it’s REAL then learners will connect on a visceral level with who they are and who they are not. An opportunity to understand their honest and authentic passions is paramount. 

If it’s RELEVANT learners will move beyond the superficial and the trivial. It has to be meaningful and pertinent to where they and our world are presently at. Nothing less will do.

If it’s REVOLUTIONARY then boldness will have won out over timidity. Learners will explore their assumptions and ideas about their lives and the world, and about what they long for and what is possible.

MORE ABOUT Our programs

We provide a wide variety of school and multi day programs that your kids are sure to love. We’d love to connect with you, don’t hesitate to reach out today!